I am who I am by the #GraceOfGod. I Infuse Christian rap with all genres of music to give my listeners something different to anticipate on every new project. The Holy Spirit is my #GhostWriter and He will inevitably inspire your soul with each record He writes through me in Jesus name!

I Live to #SaveSouls & #BuildTheBody of Christ.


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Jessi Johnson aka DILIGENCE

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Erika Johnson


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DILIGENCE – Christian Rapper & Songwriter

Jessi Johnson AKA Diligence was born in Michigan in March of 1987. At the age of five he was introduced to alcohol and inappropriate sexual behavior. At the age of 12 being raised without a father and no direction in life, Jessi joined a nationwide gang for money, respect, power and acceptance. At the age of 13 Jessi was introduced to the drug game. He blindly and willfully served the gang unknowingly serving the devil in the process. After being incarcerated in many juvenile detention centers and county facilities, Jessi was slowly but surely headed to his own demise. At the age of 17 Jessi ended up homeless on the streets of Detroit after being robbed by gang members. Jessi’s mother was called by her son and agreed to pay for his Greyhound ticket to Florida.

When in Florida, Jessi (at the time known on the streets as L.O.K.O) continued to distribute narcotics and was still involved in gang activity. After being framed for armed robbery, his God ordained assignment lead him to facing serious consequences. On his 20th birthday he found himself in front of a judge with a pending verdict of LIFE IN PRISON. This was a strategic assignment from God to get his attention!  The Lord began to draw him unto himself. Jessi eventually surrendered his life to Jesus Christ by submitting to a personal relationship with his creator and not a religion with man. Jessi was released upon pleading guilty to a petty theft misdemeanor after his “so called victim” was incarcerated for habitual offenses, and the one and only false witness was shot and killed the week his “so called victim” was incarcerated.

Upon being released from jail he denounced the gang and had to suffer the consequences. Jessi was brutally beaten out of the gang! He was pronounced dead on arrival when an ambulance received his body! Diligence was resurrected by the power of God on the way to the hospital to finish his God ordained assignment!

Today, ten years later Diligence lives in the Tampa Bay area. He is now married to Erika Johnson and coming up on 4 years of marriage. The two met at their home church  The Center For Manifestation. His assignment remains to seek and save that which is spiritually lost through street evangelism,  gospel rap and all genres of songwriting for the Glory of God. Be blessed by the profound message and anointing bestowed upon this man of God.